Ultra-Slim JAK chargers your JUUL up to 4 times! Good & Affordable!

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The JAK is sleek and all metal construction charging case for your JUUL. it's also the smallest being the exact same height as the JUUL. And at just 95 mm x 42 mm x 10 mm, it can almost entirely fit into a 5th pocket of jeans.

  • 1. 1000mAh battery--Can recharge the JUUL 4 times before going to charge itself 
    2. Zinc Alloy with very high quality painting. Good quality, Good feeling
    3. Very Strong Magnet. Much better for connection
    4. Its only 105g lighter than iphone 5s
    5. 30 Days warranty
    Weight: 97.3g
    Size: 92*39.5*7.5mm